Plan of Execution

Study Brand Plan

A brand plan consists of the various functions and elements of an organization. It takes into account the marketing, sales, product development, finance, and various other departments, outlining the operations, goals, and strategies of each function. After approval from the senior management, the plan is put into action. Studying the brand plan helps understand what actions are going to be taken and the choices that are going to be implemented. It would further help to understand the possible options available, the strategic choices to be made and the tactics to be followed. By studying the brand plan, we are more aware of the brand, which will result in providing a more strategic plan to proceed and to work towards the frame of execution. The brand plan would further help us to stay focused on what essentially needs to be worked upon and delivered.

Assess Competitor Market

After being fully aware of what the brand is about and what are the potential steps that can be taken towards achieving the goals, the next step taken is assessing the competitor market. By assessing the competitor market, it helps not only to identify who the potential competitors are but also understanding the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to our own brand. This would perhaps help us realize our potential weaknesses or if we need to redefine our goals or tactics. If the information gathered can be used in the right, smart manner, it would help to acquire a form of advantage over the competitors. One major benefit to assessing the competitor market is being able to develop effective competitive strategies within the target market.

Define Market Share

Market Share is referred to the percent of total sales that a company has managed to generate, within a particular period. Part of the execution plan involves understanding the brand and the company properly. Analyzing the market share would help understand how well the company is doing in the market, especially in comparison to its competitors. Before building onto the strategy, it is important to be aware of the position of the company in the market, thus making market share an extremely important metric to understand the revenue that is generated, the effectiveness of the existing strategies, and possible initiatives that can be taken. It is not enough to focus on an aspect such as leads, revenue growth, loyalty, satisfaction, etc. These factors though important can often be a little misleading. To truly be aware of the stance of a business to implement a good marketing strategy, it is important to analyze the company’s market share

Marketing Strategy

Developing marketing strategies means working towards the company. It helps in having an edge over one’s competitors. Developing a marketing strategy, firstly helps in recognizing aspects such as knowing what your business is about and who are your potential customers. Developing a marketing strategy is extremely beneficial rather than jumping to conclusions or randomly working on solutions. It makes sense to study the business thoroughly and then move towards working on tactical marketing elements and developing relevant marketing strategies. Developing a marketing strategy means setting and targeting certain goals, identifying what you need or the buyer persona, recognizing the strengths and the challenges, and identifying canbe the firm’s possible USP. Upon working on these elements, building a marketing strategy provides better results.

Identity Target

Having a clear idea of who your target audience is, what is the kind of demographic that is being aimed to reach, what are the products and services offered, helps in working towards a successful marketing campaign. At the end of the day, the efforts taken to work on the products and services, and strategize on a marketing plan are to be able to reach the customers. Thus, it becomes important to question who is it that I want to reach out to? To whom are my products or services going to appeal the most? Knowing and identifying who our target audience is, helps in strategizing accordingly to gain the required visibility. Recognizing the targeted demographic is the key to a business and to successfully manage to execute a plan.

Research & Areas Of Development

Research and Development is a key aspect as this provides knowledge and detailed insights. This is undertaken usually to understand the market or when there is a new service or product to be provided or even to improve what is already existing. There are always certain uncertainties or certain risks that are present, which isn’t possible to completely avoid. However, if there is a certain amount of research and development done, the chances of a positive outcome increase. Through research and areas of development, it is relatively easier for a company or a business to have a competitive edge, with a likely chance of making profits and increased productivity.

Define Revenue Targets

To be able to work towards the success of a business, it is important to understand the financial stance of the business. How success looks like for the firm, needs to be clearly identified, which involves clearly identifying revenue objectives. Setting revenue targets helps in focusing and trying to meet the goals. Once revenue targets are set, it can then be determined regarding what is the right amount and type of investment required to reach the set targets. In addition to that, an effective commitment can be made and focused on reaching the revenue targets.

Marketing & Automation & Innovation

Marketing and automation as well as innovation help in identifying potential customers, targeting them, automating the process of gathering and nurturing the leads, improving the efficiency or sales as well looking into what can be newly implemented. Upon marketing and implanting the right strategies, it helps to automate and measure the tasks in order to increase operational efficiency and to grow faster. In addition to marketing and automation, there is always an advantage when something new and unique is provided, which ensures a difference that people are usually attracted to. Bringing in new products, services, offers, techniques or methods can prove to be significantly advantageous.

Expansion Strategy

Upon acquiring a strong base, it is beneficial to target a broader audience. Business expansion means widening your horizons and exposing your products and services to a larger audience. To be able to work on a successful expansion significantly helps to work on the right expansion strategy. Having a clear idea and a strategy set out, there is a greater chance of having a successful expansion. This would result in increasing the customer base, which can help in increasing sales and revenue. This could potentially result in higher profits, more recognition, and a stronger identity. Expansion strategies are adopted, once a strong base for the business isbuilt, to achieve more growth. Building and creating expansion strategies and multi-level strategic plans are the way to move forward.

Data Analysis

While working on a business, there are assessments and strategies formed, along with research and development when needed. However, constantly analyzing the stance of a business and the internal as well as the external components of the business can result in smoother functioning, Detailed data analysis is important in a business as the strengths of the business can be highlighted and continued with as well as the issues and the weaknesses are pointed out which can be reflected upon and solved. Upon solving internal conflicts, there is a better chance of a rise in efficiency and productivity. A detailed data analysis can then be done for the required projects that are taken up by the business as well as of the competitors.

Creator & Support Ecosystem

The concept of a supporting ecosystem is a great concept as well as an extremely essential one. A business supporting ecosystem refers to a capable supporting ecosystem for business, entrepreneurship, innovation, creating, and growth. This will be worked upon through planning, strategy, and analysis. Questions such as what kind of ecosystem model best suits this business, who are the designated key players and their roles in this ecosystem, the link between all the players and how can the players be motivated, will be taken into account. A smooth functioning business with a supporting ecosystem is the foundation and the priority when it comes to execution plans.