Team of Experts

Vivek Kulshetra


Push yourself, because no one is going to do it for you

With over 22+ years of experience in strategic planning, business development, management, and networking, I provide my expertise and oversee the overall development of the company. Having depth knowledge of several industries, I work towards identifying the right market and determining the required goals. As a strategist as well as an implementer, I work towards ensuring that the corporate plans and the company’s goals are successfully met. My key expert includes sales, marketing, strategic development, knowledge and analysis of market trends. As the Co-founder, one of my targets is to keep working towards the sustainable growth of the company.

Maya Khudabadi


Don't wait for an Opportunity, Create it.

With over 22+ years of experience in the business industry, I manage to juggle multiple tasks with ease and a strategic mind. I constantly work towards providing my insights and my advice to ensure that the best move is made. With exceptional skills in organization and planning, executing strategic plans is one of my many fortes, and I work towards using this skill. My key expert also includes working on high-impact initiatives, building and strengthening the team, managing several projects, brainstorming on innovative ideas, and executing strategic plans. I’m majorly involved in the company’s planning processes and I act as a communication link between the team and the stakeholders.

Arpit Kansara


Don't wait for an Opportunity, Create it.

20+ Expertise in Information & Technology

Manav Shah


Don't wait for an Opportunity, Create it.

20+ Experience in Sales & Marketing

Executive Members

Sharanya S Nair

VP - Operations & Support

Shreyas G Acharya

HTML Developer

Piyoosh Singh

SEO Executive

Maria Christina

Graphic Designer

Sanjukta Srikanth

WordPress Developer