We create a buzz in the mind of the audience with our compelling ideas

Viral Marketing is more than just marketing. There are no pre-defined rules or steps when it comes to viral marketing, but we guarantee you to accelerate your business with our unique marketing ideas.

At Business Mantra, we never apply cookie-cutter methods. In fact, we study your products and services, brainstorm ideas and formulate the right strategy for your business. Our job doesn’t end here. We implement our methodology, study your analytics and bring conversions to your business.

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    Strategic Assessment

    Our team of nerds will evaluate your existing business model, look into historic data, and conduct competitor analysis. We also study vertical markets, and determine your business goals, before formulating any marketing approach for your business.

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    Search Engine Marketing

    From strategizing campaigns to running paid ads, we help our clients in delivering a high-level digital experience with a positive ROI through Viral Marketing. Our team serves local to small and mid-size and large-scale companies, influencers, eCommerce, and bloggers that understand traffic as the core generator of your profits.

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    Social Media Marketing

    If you want to make your business online but feel hesitant to do so, our team will help with the best. From streamlining your products to mapping up your business goals, we assist to get you to the pinnacle with the times. Our social media experts sit with you and discuss step-by-step strategies to create your online presence.

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    Combining Data and Human Expertise

    Today, businesses thrive on the momentum of personalization. Corporations aim to drive huge groups of people for interacting with brands and make their products or services viral faster than the competition. Business Mantra doesn’t trigger viral marketing solutions for making you go. We untap what motivates you and inspires you to share your part of your story and accordingly, we market your product around that.

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    We Give Voice to Your Brand

    Our creative team at Business Mantra develops marketing campaigns, posts, reels, and carousels that compel users to share them with others. We keep concepts, ideas, and strategies in the center to make your product roll out rapidly within the wider population. Are you looking for simple, strategic yet virality content ideas, give us a call now!

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    Our Viral Marketing Techniques

    Create videos and posts
    Develop content with an emotional appeal
    Enable sharing, embedding, and downloading
    Social Outreach
    Marketing strategies for reinforcement
    Targeting the appropriate demographics