YouTube Marketing Services

Business Mantra finds out the most effective strategy for your business and publishes video content accordingly to bring you actionable insights and desirable results.

From refining your target audience to optimizing the content on your YouTube Channel, we help you fuel growth for your business. Our team helps you with content distribution, analytics, and valuable insights to keep track of engagement. We can assist you with eye-catching thumbnails that can add value to your YouTube campaigns.

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    Video Creation

    Don’t have time to create content for your YouTube channel?

    Do you lack expertise in writing, filming, and editing your own YouTube videos?

    Hire Business Mantra now! We are a full-service creative team who can help you with video shooting, editing content creation, and overall YouTube marketing to make you chase the competition. We are a team of videographers, producers, editors, copywriters, on-screen talent, voice-over presenters, marketing strategists, scriptwriters, and graphic designers who can together filter your sales funnel and fuel visitors to your channel.

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    YouTube Ads

    Business Mantra works with a team of passionate videographers and producers who can strategize, write and edit, produce, and optimize your YouTube Ad campaigns within the desired budget. Together, we have various steps and stages we make your content more discoverable via search by including PPC (Pay Per Click) and promoting it across social media, popularly called video syndication.

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    YouTube Video SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is not just for blogs but for videos too. It all begins with choosing the right platform to market your video. If you are more focused gaining on site traffic, then you should explore alternate hosting platforms for gaining traction from a wider audience.

    Our SEO specialists insert a video script and simultaneously make your Thumbnail image more engaging. Besides that, we even optimize your title and description of the video and target keywords that people are actually searching for. Our team also ensures -:

  • Relevance of video optimized as per the page
  • Embed the video you want to be ranked first on the Page
  • No same video is embedded on multiple pages
  • Different types of video content we can provide you

    Social engagement videos
    How-to videos
    Whiteboard videos
    Event Coverage
    Video blogs
    On-site interviews
    Vox pops
    Corporate promos
    Video ads
    Video testimonials
    Training videos and more
    Are you ready to build or promote your YouTube Channel with us? Are you ready to build or promote your YouTube Channel with us? Are you ready to build or promote your YouTube Channel with us? Are you ready to build or promote your YouTube Channel with us?